What will my gift provide?

Benefits of Payroll Deduction: An Opportunity to Do More

  • Payroll deduction maximizes your contribution: $5 per month become $60 over a year.
  • Payroll deduction saves time and takes little effort: giving this way allows you to support your cause(s) every month without having to remember to write separate checks to recipients.
  • It gives charities evidence of on-going support within the community, a key factor in getting matching grants or additional support from big foundations.
  • It allows recipient charities to plan their services in a strategic manner, using donations to their optimal effect.

How Your Monthly Gift Can Help

$2 per month for one year:

  • provides three days of parenting classes that teach effective discipline and stress/conflict management.
  • provides vital cancer survivorship information and support to 80 cancer survivors.
  • provides one day of food and shelter for a homeless person.
  • provides prescription glasses for five people in a Third World country.
  • covers the cost of planting of 100 tree saplings.
  • provides meals for a homebound senior citizen for two weeks.

$5 per month for one year:

  • provides 12 students with an interactive CD on college-age depression and suicide.
  • covers the registration fee for one patient or family member to attend the National Organization for Rare Disorders Patient/Family Conference.
  • provides adaptive aids for personal care to make life easier for ALS patients.
  • will provide equipment and supplies for five people to spend a morning cleaning a beach or river bank.
  • provides teaching materials for 30 at-risk students for one school year.

$10 per month for one year:

  • enables three elementary school classes to tour a natural area.
  • provides physical therapy exercise sessions for patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy.
  • will help a family in crisis with their monthly utility or grocery bills.
  • provides 233 meals for hungry babies.
  • will pay for preserving and distributing 120,000+ servings of nutritious produce.
  • provides one mammogram for an uninsured woman.
  • will help to pay the cost of testing for early signs of kidney disease for a low-income patient.

$20 per month for one year:

  • provides a full year of groceries for a homebound AIDS patient.
  • provides food for one guide dog in advanced training.
  • covers the cost of training material and instruction for self-examinations for breast cancer and for awareness materials for prostate cancer.
  • supports training in an environmental career for a person with a disability.
  • provides scholarship assistance for inner city children to attend a nature camp in the Hill Country.

$45 per month for one year:

  • provides 26 students with assistance in math and science.
  • provides 11 days of food and shelter for a homeless person.
  • ensures safety from cholera for 50 people.
  • funds a volunteer on-line at a national AIDS treatment hotline for one week.
  • provides two high schools with science curriculum materials about proper handling of chemicals found in the home.

$83.34 per month, only $2.74 per day (or $1,000 per year):

  • Four days of child care in an accredited facility …
  • and 32 meals for the elderly …
  • and 104 days of parenting classes, teaching effective discipline and conflict management …
  • and 48 students receiving assistance in math and sciences …
  • and 48 days of a support group for teens having experienced violence or sexual abuse …
  • and 20 days of food and shelter for a homeless person …
  • and 28 days of mentoring for at-risk youth …
  • and 40 acres of land for wildlife habitat or public open space that provides both recreation and cleaner air …
  • and 50 children receiving bicycle helmets and cycling instruction to prevent accidents and encourage environmentally-friendly methods of transportation …
  • and crisis intervention services to 65 at-risk women and children in violent family situations …
  • and art, music or dance therapy for two people with disabilities for an entire semester!

Your support of the SECC is voluntary. If you feel you are being coerced to donate money at any time during this campaign, please submit a written complaint to:

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
P.O. Box 13528, Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711-3528